Maintenance Update


Dear Manager, 

To ensure your better gaming experience, we are performing  a maintenance update.

Maintenance Schedule: 2021/01/25 22:00PM -2021/01/25 22:10PM(UTC+7)

During this period, you will not be able to log in. The duration of the maintenance is estimated and may be extended due to technical issues.  We really appreciate your patience and understanding:

- New Functions:
1. World channel chatting now is available in the Club Alliance section; 
2. Chatting is available in rooms of street mode;
3. Club Alliance red dot notification added;
4. Trophy Room red dot notification added; 
5. World Forums now is available. 

- Bugs Fixed:
1. Jerseys display bug was fixed;
2. Ranking list bug was fixed;
3. 7 Days Plan tasks and rewards translation bug was fixed;
4. Achievements timestamp display bug was fixed.

- Functions Optimization:
1. Daily Affairs opening logic has been optimized.
2. Ranking matching and searching logic has been optimized.
3. Achievements jumping logic and visual angle
has been optimized.